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Stephen J. Mellor is Vice-President and co-founder of Project Technology, Inc., a company focused on tools to execute and translate UML models. He is the co-author of Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and its companion Object Lifecycles, two of the first books to define object-oriented analysis. Mr. Mellor has taught and consulted on hundreds of real-world projects using these methods worldwide. He chaired the UML Action Semantics Consortium, and is now active in specifying MDA. He has just completed his latest book Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture with Marc J. Balcer, available from Addison Wesley in June 2002. In his copious spare time, he is a member of the IEEE Software Industrial Advisory Board.
E-mail Steve at steve@executableumlbook.com.

Marc J. Balcer is consultant with fifteen years of experience in providing of custom application development services to Global 1000 companies. In 1991 he began his collaboration with Stephen Mellor and Sally Shlaer, and he now applies the techniques on client projects in such diverse areas as medical instrumentation, transportation logistics, telecommunications, and financial services. Marc is the founder of ModelCompilers.com, a provider of tools and services for realizing the power of model-based development.
E-mail Marc at marc@executableumlbook.com.

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